Earn 100 dollars a day from blog

Making 100 dollars a day may not be that hard at all. I have been learning various methods for over 5 years online and found some incredibly easy ways to accomplish that!

Is earning $100/day possible from a blog?

Yes, a good and well-maintained blog can earn you more than 100$, in a day if you know how. There are many ways of earning money through blogs. Some people use blogs as a website to feature the products they’re selling. This, however, is not an option for people who don’t have enough capital to feature products or do not want to sell products online.
For them, the answer is “AdSense” by Google. The procedure is quite simple. You register your free Blog and Google posts ads on it. These are usually ads related to your content so people can benefit from them. This helps you generate money because any time an ad is clicked, you get paid. So all you have to do is post your blog’s link on various social media forms, informative websites etc. so that people will visit your blog and click on the ads and you get paid.

Apart from this, you can write articles for various other websites on royalty basis; this means that whenever that article gets read, you earn money. The more the article is featured, the more money you earn. Moreover, if you get a good number of subscribers or followers, you will be contacted by sponsored ads services. This will enable you to get more money. This is annoying if done too much so you don’t want to cover all your content with ads as this will cause you to lose subscribers.

If you continue this way for some time, your royalties will start adding up to the point that you can earn almost 100$’s a day, without doing too much work.

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