5 Unique Ways to Instantly Boost Your Blog Traffic

Traffic is the currency of the web, which means the more traffic your website or blog gets, the easier it will be for you to maximize your success. If you are keen to increase free traffic to your website or blog, start applying these tactics to boost your traffic today and your numbers are sure to go up! Here are the 5 simple things you can do today to start seeing results tomorrow.

There are many blogs on the internet, millions of them, in fact. There will be hundreds of blogs like yours. So why would anyone choose your blog?
To make a blog noticeable, the most important thing is to make it prominent. An average user will only visit your blog if you show up on the first two pages of a search engine, and even then only if there are no other relevant blogs. So what to do to get more traffic quickly, without spending a lot of (or any) money on it?

Well, here are your answers:

  • Use user-friendly blog template and colors: Too bright or too dull colors are unflattering and a too complicated template confuses users so they won’t spend any time on you and immediately proceed to the next blog.
  • Focus on Content: Focus solely on the content so that one article is linked to the next. This doesn’t mean you can’t diversify. You can spread your blog into different branches but keep them totally separate by creating folders on your blog. Classify them by keywords and remember not to post topics in the wrong folder.
  • Anchor Links: Try to embed hyperlinks from other articles on your blog into other articles. This greatly helps your blog get a better rating on a search engine.
  • Use keywords of previous posts: A search engine deems your blog more relevant if you use the same keywords regularly. Your blog will show up on top. Moreover, multiple links from your blog will be shown, so that the customer will click on your blog.
  • Encourage User Interaction: This greatly helps your blog because interactive blogs are more noticeable and thus, your users will want to read your information to check it’s accuracy in the comments. Thus, the more comments and replies there are, the better it becomes.

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