Free Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

There are many ways to increase blog traffic, both free and paid. Personally I like free because it's free. Check out some great ways to bring traffic to your blog without spending any money.

Generating traffic for your blog is a very difficult thing to do at times because in the global village, seldom is any idea an original so in a sea of look-alikes, how do  you tell everyone that this is the blog that has the actual information that you need. Fortunately, there are remedies for that. Here are the many ways you can use to step up your blog’s traffic:
  • Write quality content- If your content is good and relevant, traffic will flock to your blog by itself because search engines only show the most informative and relevant opinions
  • Write Yahoo articles and answers and post your blog’s link as the source so that people check it out at least once
  • Leave comments on blogs that are related to your topics. Users read those comments and check your blog as well
  • Include your blog’s link in your email signature
  • Make list posts (e.g. 101 ways to make tea)
  • Post videos and video tutorials or lectures
  • Collaborate on articles with other bloggers
  • Join special forums for bloggers
  • Share your blog on different social media websites
  • Have a giveaway
  • Include polls on your blog e.g. which topic should I write about next?
  • Include a short e-book related to your subject free for download.
  • Make sure that your English and grammar are good
  • Include images that are interesting and eye-catching
  • Have an easy to remember and catchy url
  • Make witty remarks every once in a while or include interesting facts
  • Use intelligent keywords

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