Earn over $100 a day uploading file

The first thing to remember is you will not make money by only uploading your file, you have to faithfully promote it until you generate ample amount of income. You need to promote download link in related forums to increase download count, for example anime MP3 files will be promoted on a anime or manga forums because the people lurking and participating there love anime MP3's.

Nowadays is really simple to start making money online. With various platforms ready for you to use to make cash, you just need to be careful of which ones to choose. PPD or Pay Per Download is one of the popular platforms that let you earn over a $100 per day. PPD network is a platform that lets you earn money for file uploads. It simply works after you upload a file to the network. A landing page is usually created for visitors who want to access the files, they would then be required to fill in an advertiser survey, which the advertiser pay ranging from 0.30 to 25 USD. Once they fill in the survey this money goes directly to you. To join this world of making 100 per day, you need to first of all join a PPD network. A few great examples include cleanfiles.net and fileice.net. To join you would first of all need to fill in an application which requires a few things but as long as you understand you should not have any problems.

Once you have found a niche for the files, you need to create the right kind of files that people will be downloading. A good example is healthy tips for weight loss; you can create a book on weight loss tips and save it as a PDF file then save it on the PPD network. Once you have uploaded then create a YouTube channel for your niche and put the link to the file in PPD network. Make sure to boost your likes and subscribers so as to direct people to download your file the more people you get the more money you earn, it is as simple as that.

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