Freelancer vs oDesk

Freelancer and oDesk are both popular and huge freelancing sites where members can look for jobs and apply for them. However, they are both quite different in various aspects. If you are making up your mind about which site to join, read on to know the pros and cons.  is an online market platform that was founded in the year 2009 is based in Sydney, Australia. It is one of the fastest growing and popular marketplace on the Internet today. Initially established as GetAFreelancer and Later renamed as, it has managed to make some very bold acquisitions like LimeExchange, and All these takeovers have added to the member base and popularity of and today it is considered to be among the best online platforms to get the job done.
Another popular Online market place is founded in 2005 by greek entrepreneurs Stratis Karamanlakis and Odysseas Tsatalos. Odesk is currently headquartered at Red wood, California. Odesk is primarily seen as a more passive and secure medium than On a first hand comparision, Freelancer seems more dynamic with its ever growing userbase, but if you know your work well you can work efficiently on Odesk too. Since the emergence of, Odesk is facing tough competition.

On direct comparison between the two, one can notice the difference in membership options. offers a wide array of memebership options from Free up to premium. On the other hand, the free membership of Odesk can be a bit tricky as you get bid boosts only after successful completion of a few tasks. The paid membership and commission factors place both the platforms at pretty much the same ranks. 

When it comes to security andobservation, Odesk wins it big time with its monitoring software. But recently, Freelancer too, has launched its time tracker for the hourly projects. All in all both the mediums are growing at a rapid pace and it depends on your expertise, skills and interface choice that which medium is more preferable to you. 

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