Get paid to take photos

Wherever in the world you live, you can make money using even the simplest digital camera! There is a massive online and offline demand for good quality pictures, and while some of that demand does not reward you financially, there is every opportunity to get paid a decent sum for the photographs you supply.

Are you fond of taking pictures from your smart Phone? Do you like to use Instagram a lot? What if someone told you that you can earn by doing what you like; taking pictures! Foap is a mobile application available both on the apple’s iPhone and google’s Android phones that lets you sell you photos online from your phone! You can make good cash easily by taking pictures and giving them relevant tags. The Foap app is built from the already exisiting framework like iStockphotos and other popular photo sharing apps. To starting earning money from Foap, you need to intall the app on your phone from the App store for iPhone and Play store for Android. After the downloading is complete, you can make a quick sign up and start uploading quality photos from your phone. After your photos are approved, you can start earning money. All the photos on Foap are priced at $10 out of which you get 50% i.e $5 for each photo sold.

The photos that you take are bought by large multinational corporations who want to stock photographs for their commercial needs. So it is a very simple process that allows you to earn quick cash by taking photographs. If you plan to use Foap, you should keep in mind that the approval process is not automatic and thus you should upload only relevant photos. For payment you may need a paypal account. So get all the prerequisites and start clicking!

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